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Happen to catch the Olympic Opening Games sometime in the past 24 hours? If you didn’t, then you should be shamed because you missed something amazing. Not only was the stadium a architectual feat, but the fact that all the countries that did come could do so without much argument amazes me.

If you didn’t catch it, here are some pictures to show you what you missed:

Purty Colors...

Pretty colors…

This was an amazing illusion...

From 2D to 3D. (You had to see it to understand.)

So purty…

Someone is going to remember something for the rest of their life....

I can’t speak in front of my class without getting the Heebie-Jeebie’s, but this 9 year old girl can sing in front of 90,000 people, with another billion people watching on T.V. Something’s up.

Look at all the colors!

More fireworks. =]

That's not an image repeated, there were 2008 drummers.

This isn’t a repeated image. It’s 2008 drummers playing in unison.

This was absolutely amazing.

This was probably my second favorite part, my first being the lighting of the torch. But, the above spectacle was truly amazing.

The lighting of the torch. If you didn’t see the whole Lighting Ceremony, then you should look it up on YouTube. It was truly amazing.

All the American Olympic atheletes.

Well, I had to throw in a picture of the American participants. (Because I’m an American…)

Welcome, my friends.

Welcome, my friends. (I think Confuscious said it…)



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Re-Sour-Ces: Noun: A public listing of helpful sites, provided by various people, advertised by `Drew.

Well, everyone needs to start somewhere, right? Here’s a list of my favorite web development helpful sites.

  • W3 Schools-Learn HTML, Scripting, XML, and much more. Great tutorials!
  • Smashing Magazine-Fantastic articles covering all basis of Web Design. Be sure to check this one out!
  • PHP 101-A 15 part PHP tutorial for the absolute beginner. This series of tutorials is written by a fantastic writer, with easy-to-understand methods and even some humor thrown in!
  • Icebrrg Forms-Icebrrg lets anyone easily build online forms (contact, feedback, etc.) for websites and blogs — no programming, software or special skills needed. *Only use this until you stop being lazy and decide to learn a bit of HTML and PHP*

About three months ago I started to make a website for PhotoShop Web Graphic tutorials. Although I never got around to completeing the website, I did write three tutorials.


Tutorial #1
Tutorial #2
Tutorial #3



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With all that being said, keep checking back for updates. I’ll be posting all sorts of things-from how my day went to my latest adventures into the 5th dimension. (In other words, this page is bound to get more interesting. Don’t give up on me yet!)