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Re-Sour-Ces: Noun: A public listing of helpful sites, provided by various people, advertised by `Drew.

Well, everyone needs to start somewhere, right? Here’s a list of my favorite web development helpful sites.

  • W3 Schools-Learn HTML, Scripting, XML, and much more. Great tutorials!
  • Smashing Magazine-Fantastic articles covering all basis of Web Design. Be sure to check this one out!
  • PHP 101-A 15 part PHP tutorial for the absolute beginner. This series of tutorials is written by a fantastic writer, with easy-to-understand methods and even some humor thrown in!
  • Icebrrg Forms-Icebrrg lets anyone easily build online forms (contact, feedback, etc.) for websites and blogs — no programming, software or special skills needed. *Only use this until you stop being lazy and decide to learn a bit of HTML and PHP*

One Response to “Re-Sour-Ces”

  1. Thanks for the links, those are useful! Nice blog, too. I like it.

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